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d to deliver Brexit, ruling out her own possible resignation.However, her statements were not e▓ffective at this moment in helping her win over those who publicly opposed her ▓Brexit plan, including for

mer Foreign Secretary Bo▓ris Johnson.Words even began to spread in the London political and media circles that Johnson was among several hopefuls within her Conservative Party to 

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succeed her in coming weeks, according to th▓e media reports here.Hostile attitude has been on the rise among go▓vernment and opposition parliament members as tim▓e went by after

her public speeches, raising the risk that the deal would be killed in the parliament.A new round of po▓litical fighting kicked off on Tuesday at ▓t

he news that Britain and the E▓uropean Union just reached the draft agreement. And the political crisis will be further deepened with the more

powerful push by the prime minister to go ahead with her Brexit plan despite strong opposition inside her own po▓litical party and parliament.To deliver Brexit

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an be negotiated

in the light of her plan, the prime minister needs to get green lights from both the British parliament and the remaining 27 European Union member states▓.Therefore,

a question crops up at this juncture: can the prime minister be still lucky enough to survive the coming crises bef▓ore the Brexit deadline?May survived the political crisis one after another si▓nce

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ore, she add

ed: "I believe with every fibre

of my bei▓ng --

she came to office in 2016, ▓including the loss of two Brexit secretaries.Earlier Thursday, Britis

the approach is right." "I a▓m g

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h Brexit Secretary Dominic ▓Raab and British Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey resigned to withd

b," said May, who repeated in

public that she

raw their support for the dra▓ft agreement.The resignation of Raab, a rising star who was brought in to keep Tory Brexi

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